Improving society through Blockchain based solutions

Connecting, amplifying and accelerating the development of knowledge, solutions & ecosystem

We design and build blockchain based software solutions, kickstart the ecosystem by mobilizing the largest open innovation movement in Europe through the Blockchaingers program, with as its highlight the biggest blockchain hackathon in Europe.

3rd edition!


Blockchain technology can play a vital role in making the world a better place for everyone. We want to play our part in that, by sharing our collective knowledge, leveling the playing field and connecting trailblazers, pioneers and creatives with innovators, shakers, and movers.

That’s why DutchChain not only develops software solutions but actively shares them by publishing articles and mobilizing the ecosystem in the Blockchaingers innovation program. We believe that through unified development, open and equal collaboration and building an ecosystem where we can share and accelerate our collective knowledge, we can improve society as a whole.


Taking the lead, innovate and improve society, as a collective, from local to global. Creating the flexibility that ensures trust, mobility and active involvement for everyone in our society. We want to create freedom of movement and freedom of policy, not bound by bureaucracy, increasing regulatory pressure or susceptibility to fraud, but paving the way towards trust and efficiency, with blockchain technology as the catalyzer for democracy, transparency and participation. Together and for everyone.

Blockchain technology offers a great opportunity for the Netherlands to be among the worldwide leaders and create new Dutch online multinationals in the process. We want to take the next step towards innovation and building a better world. By working together, we can really show the rest of the world what we’re able to do here and even turn our blockchain applications into a successful national export product.

Blockchain Explained

The World Economic Forum has called blockchain one of the seven potentially most world changing technologies, with possible uses ranging from healthcare, the food industry, energy, smart industry, all the way to logistics and government.

Watch our video to see how blockchain technology works.

Government as a Service

Blockchain can be a solution for governments to create freedom of policy, while drastically reducing the need for bureaucracy and susceptibility to fraud. – by Rutger van Zuidam

We work for

Bigger and better through unified development

DutchChain is not a one-stop shop for software products. We’ve chosen a new approach; not reinventing the wheel every single time, but an annual testing ground approach with uniform development, so we can learn while doing, and create scalable solutions to tackle bigger problems every year.

No separate projects, but an annual cycle with bigger and broader applications. The people we work with are no longer our customers, but instead become ambassadors of of blockchain innovation, paving the way and armed with tangible solutions and measurable results.

The smart voucher system developed by DutchChain, was co-created with the Dutch city of Groningen. The system allows issuers to create programmable, conditional money (flows). It is currently used by thousands of citizens and service providers in the “city-card program” of Groningen. This additional allowance for citizens with a minimum income is paid in smart vouchers instead of Euros. Settlement with service providers is fully automated and compliant when the voucher is used. It increases auditability and accountability, while decreasing bureaucracy.

The face behind DutchChain

Rutger van Zuidam (1983, Groningen, The Netherlands) is an entrepreneur and owner of, one of the leading blockchain businesses in the Netherlands. Through it’s program, DutchChain mobilizes the largest open innovation movement in Europe focussed on co-creating decentralized ecosystem solutions that serve our future global society. Highlight of the program is the largest blockchain hackathon in the world, taking place in Groningen, The Netherlands annually.

Prior to founding DutchChain, Rutger has co-founded online ticketing company and served as an advisor to the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands.