New Whitepaper outlines the building blocks for a national blockchain strategy

Dec 07, 2018

On September 25th, 2018, during the dinner at the annual Future of Trust Summit, Special Envoy Startup Delta Constantijn van Oranje presented to Raymond Knops, State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations, a Whitepaper outlining the building blocks for a national blockchain strategy. The document has been prepared by StartupDelta, DutchChain, APG,  and Brightlands Smart Services Campus in cooperation with other blockchain initiatives. "We see this as an offer we will accept," commented Raymond Knops. 

The Netherlands has a good starting position to lead in blockchain technology development, however, more effort is required in establishing blockchain as a technology "for common good". A nationwide strategy on blockchain should include investment in the foundation infrastructure and talent as well as a strong regulatory framework promoting a responsible approach to the development and adoption of blockchain. 

The document draws from the existing examples of successful regulatory measures taken with regard to blockchain globally, provides a SWOT-analysis of the current state of blockchain development in the Netherlands, and presents key building blocks for a national blockchain agenda. Special attention is paid to the importance of transparency and regulation in tokenization and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

You can download the Whitepaper "Creating a "Blockchain for Good' Nation" below. 

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