About Us

We are an ecosystem of launching customers, investors, governments, corporates, startups, scale-ups, NGOs, universities and regulators

DutchChain is an ecosystem development agency for blockchain-based solutions. Our seasonal Open Innovation Program consists of  15+ preparatory events, including the largest blockchain hackathon in the world, and is aimed at co-creating new solutions to global challenges through collaborative innovation and by using breakthrough technology (blockchain, AI or other). Backed by the European Union and the Dutch Government, the DutchChain ecosystem unites more than 6.000 members, among whom large corporations and SMEs, start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, engineers, students, government officials, legal experts, and many other stakeholders.


Our vision: #commonization

We believe that blockchains and tokens are crucial for the digital economy, due to their capability to “commonize” important parts of the digital infrastructure, offering an alternative to the current practice in which the important parts of the information and communication infrastructure are proprietary.

It is our vision that this infrastructure works much better in our globalized interconnected society when it is “commonized”, i.e. when it becomes part of the digital commons. A commonized infrastructure provides a completely new level playing field for creating and delivering added value and thus for private companies to compete and flourish.

We learned this by doing: by co-creating ecosystems that build blockchain solutions.

A token ecosystem is more than blockchain or “coins.” It is an economic structure where multiple parties, often with conflicting interests, coordinate their actions coherently, without any formal organization in the conventional sense of the word. All coordination is encoded in the protocol, including the governing and regulatory aspects. It’s a self-regulating organisation, owned by itself.

We want to build complex ecosystems that are anti-fragile because of their decentralized nature and that thrive in unpredictable conditions.


Connect, co-create, commonize.

More about our vision: http://bit.ly/2O8Nnnf