Challenge: DutchChain

Creating an ecosystem dashboard

Each ecosystem is an information network in its own context. The world is interconnected, all contexts are interlinked. The current platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Medium are 1) not interconnected and 2) cannot provide the context for any specific ecosystem.

DutchChain wants to explore how to create an optimal people network and information (knowledge and activities) interface system, to allow all ecosystems to connect and interact. How to allow for optimal interaction between the ecosystems, asking and answering questions and connecting to people who are valuable for your specific initiative or goal?

Could we have a filter per ecosystem, which indexes all context and information on a topic, based on your personal preferences, publications and contributions? Could we create a meta-wiki alike search engine stream, which exactly shows what the trends, publications and thought leaders of a certain topic are for you?

The applications are not open yet, leave your name and email and we will notify you when the applications open.